Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 11: Carricitos Beach

Hiked over to Carricitos beach, and on the way met some people staying at Casa Pacifica which is just above the beach. Their description of the place sounded great so I stopped by and met the owners, Sharon & Mike, who showed me the two suites they have built. Absolutely amazing places. The lower bungalow unit has this shower that overlooks the bay.

The place is fairly remote about a 20+ minute walk from town down a dirt road, but if you want to be away from it all, this is the place  Here is a view of the open concept deck.

Spent the rest of the day on reading and relaxing on the beach and headed back when it started to become a little overcast. Bought a chicken from the ladies on the street at the bottom of the street leading up the hill to my casa.


  1. Hi Glen, we are just back from Waikauri paradise to another, as I watch the kite surfers while typing this. Up to now I have been just looking at your pics over Claire's shoulders on her computor , but just thought I'd say hi and what a fabulous time you are having! Great photos!! especially the birds and whales! love jan

  2. Hey Glen

    You lucky bugger, the place looks fantastic!!!! and good luck with surfing :-) keep up with pics as well!!