Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 37: The Mission

The unit at Villas Chulavista looks wonderful during the day, but there is almost no light at night, which may look all romantic, but barely enough to read by. I asked the owner Francisco if he  can find me a reading lamp. However today I decided to go find some 100W bulbs to replace all the low wattage ones they have. Also the deck is crying out for a hammock, so it was my mission to to find the hammock guy.

They have finished paving the sidewalk outside Paniono's and it was wonderful to sit at a table for breakfast that didn't wobble.

I found a hardware store that sold lightbulbs by the river where the Friday Market is held. I got seven 100W bulbs and two 100W spot lights to shine down in the living room to hopefully provide enough light to read by.

The new hammock at Chulavista
The hammock guy has tried to sell me one on the beach for the last five weeks, and wouldn't you know it, now that I want one he was not to be found. I walked all over the beach and over to Muertos and back but no sign.

Sat for a couple of hours nursing a beer so I could claim a deck chair and read my book, keeping an eye out for him. Finally towards the end of the afternoon, just as I had given up and resigned to finding one at Market Day tomorrow, I bumped into him by the river.

We bargained from $55 to $30 (US) and then I paid him in pesos, and headed back to the casa to string it up. Fits across the end of the deck, with just enough clearance to keep my bum off the floor. Will be perfect for reading in the morning as the sun comes on that side.

Francico came through with a small reading lamp for the living room. Will see how it all looks tonight before I bug him for reading lamps for each of the bedrooms too.

The couple I had dinner with last night work in the film industry. Renata Gregory was a Production Designer for many years, and Doane Gregory is a photographer who takes the still shots of actors for movies. You can see some of his fantastic portraits on his website. I mentioned that my next door neighbor Doreen Beaulac does the accounting for movies, and is currently working on the fourth Jason Bourne movie, and of course he knew Doreen, What an interconnected world this is.

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