Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 56: Going Live

Saying goodbye to David and Michael at Tres Vistas
We wanted to make the most of our last day here. The plan was to go paddle boarding, but the weather was still blustery and even from our place on the hill we could see the whitecaps on the ocean.

We had originally planned to meet with David and Michael in the afternoon, so we switch to the morning to see if the weather would improve later. Janet had brought them down a WIFI extender but I was unable to install it as their old router would not cooperate. We did manage to finalize the Xocotla website and with appropriate fanfare David pressed the button that made the site officially public.

David and Michael then came to see Tres Vista before we had to sadly say goodbye.

The afternoon continued to be too choppy for us to attempt taking boards out, so we hung around our pool with our books. We planned to have a last great meal at the wonderful Italian restaurant Miro Vino that Sue and I had gone to, but I forgot they were closed on Tuesday's. Bugger.

So we ended up at Calyso's once again and a afterwards sat on the beach and listened to the soothing sound of the surf one last time.

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