Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 55: Windy

Up early to go paddling before breakfast. Pickup up our boards from Stand Up Sayulita and headed out into some choppy water with an on shore breeze. The conditions made paddling difficult and we manage less than an hour before we headed back tumbling through the waves to have a tasty smoothie at the back of the board store.

We read our book waiting to see if the wind and chop would settle down enough to take the boards out again, but it never let up. Bumped into David and Michael and chatted with them over some beers. Arranged to meet tomorrow to finalize the Xocotla website and hopefully make t go live. They have never seen Tres Vista where we are staying so we invited them over tomorrow to see the place.

Familia Veryka again
We went back to Calypso for dinner and I had their excellent baby pork ribs again. Afterwards we stopped by Don Chow's for a drink and to see what music they had going, and were thrilled to find that the band they planned had cancelled and was replaced by the fantastic music of Familia Veryka again. 

They were rocking and we stayed until the place closed. What a great way to end this trip.

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