Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 38: Finding a New Place

Tearing up the road again
The living area of Villas Chulavisa looks great during the day, but is not comfortable at night and the furniture is harder than office chairs.

So I spent the day working with Tamra at Avalos Realty to find another place for the last week - I have already paid for two weeks at this place.

Once again they are tearing up the roads. They have changed their minds about the road leading from the square to the beach, and are now going to add the wide sidewalks to continue on from the rest of the road leading to the beach. 

Met this guy just hanging
Tamra gave me the names of a few places that are available for the last week, and I spent the morning walking around town checking them out.

One was too far out of town, up a really steep hill, that I felt would feel too removed from everything.

Another turned out to be already booked, but the one I like was back on Gringo Hill just behind the Horse ranch, called Tres Vistas. Tamra managed to negotiate a good rate for two bedrooms for the week starting March 14 until we leave on the 21st.

Tres Vistas
Doane and Renata who are staying at Cas Juanita were interested to see Xocotla since they walk past it every night and it looks so magical through the trees all list up. I had planned to meet the guys from Xocotla in the afternoon to try and finish their website, and suggested they join me to meet Michael and David.

However I bumped into Michael and David in the morning and they re-scheduled for tomorrow morning. So when Doane and Raynata stopped by my casa, we spend the afternoon talking on my deck and drinking beer. Really fun talking to Doane about his photography career, and I think his portraits of actors on his website are stunning.

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