Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 48: Touring Sayulita

Janet at Chulavista
Started the tour with Janet by hiking to Muertos beach along the jungle road and then over the hill by the graveyard and along the main beach ending at Panino's for breakfast.

After breakfast we hiked the beach along the main bay and then back to Chulavista to cool off in the pool and read our books.

Yesterday we met Cathy and Brian who are staying in the top apartment at Casa Juanita where I stayed, and they invited us over for drinks this evening. We headed over there around 5:30 with appies and wine and watched the sun set from the rooftop deck with them.

We then all walked down the hill for dinner at one of the restaurants by the square, and of course we bumped into Michael and David from Xocotla there too.

Janet loves the sound of the ocean too, so we ended the evening sitting on the beach listening to the surf. Unfortunately along the way I dropped my prescription glasses out of my shirt pocket and lost them in the sand somewhere. Fortunately I have one spare pair, but that was a lesson to always carry them in their case which has my email address in it. Damn.

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