Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 43: Lake Saylita

Decided after loafing around reading yesterday it was time to go do some boogie-boarding and enjoy the surf while I can. But first I needed some exercise before breakfast, and hiked what I call The Jungle Road to Muertos beach, which in reality is the longer way to get there on the back road around town through the trees.

Imagine my surprise as I came over the hill past the cemetery, and saw Sayulita bay stretching out before me as flat as a Canadian lake. Not a sign of a wave, and only the merest ripple at the shore.

Sue would love this as she is a lake-girl, but the surfers are going to be hugely disappointed on Friday if the waves do not pick up before then.

In the evening I watched Wasteland that was screened outdoors at the Activity Center. This is a powerful movie about the people who make a living picking recyclables from the largest garbage landfill in the world outside of Rio de Janeiro, and the filmmaker who helped them turn garbage into art.

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