Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 46: Surf Competition Day 1

Today was the first real day of Surf Competition. The beach was packed from one end to the other to watch the people who were invited from around the world to compete in Paddle Board Surfing, Woman's Longboard and Men's Longboard events.
Yes he is surfing backwards

As you can expect the level of expertise was amazing, and because of the small waves people went for style. It was a long day sitting in the sun on the beach and I must have shot thousands of photos. I will publish more photos on the Sayulita Photo Album.

At the end of the day it was refresing to be be able to jump into the pool at my casa to cool off.
Says it all

Met Christen  and her son Ross from Quebec at pool, also on one year sabbatical, here for 7 weeks. Her husband Patrick was able to do some work remotely via computer so he could join them.

Ended the day back in town and dinner at Don Panchos from where I could watch and listen to the live music on the stage they had constructed on the beach.

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