Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 41: Making Arrangements

Sayulita International Bus Terminal
After breakfast I met with Tamra at Avalos Realty to finalize the rental of Tres Vistas for Mar 14-21, which is the last week I am here, and when Janet will be joining me. We will get the two bedroom place with exclusive use of the pool.

Janet is going to be adventurous and catch the bus from the airport by herself and I will meet her here on the 11th. So I took a picture of where the bus stops and Tequila's restaurant where I will be hanging at so she will know how to find me.

Tequila's Bar & Restaurant
The weather is warming up this week, and by the afternoon there was nothing for it but to jump in the pool here to cool off in between reading my book.

Going to head down to Don Chow's tonight for their excellent Bento Box and some sushi, and see what live music they have.

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