Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 49: Exploring Saylita with Janet

Janet leaps the mighty river
After an early breakfast at Panino's I took Janet for hike on the north side of town across the bridge, to see the places and views there.

There is one insanely steep hill there that feels more like rock-climbing than hiking, especially since the road is made of cobble stones. But at the top there is a vacant lot from which is a truly awesome view over Sayulata bay.

Further along I finally found the road to another property that I can see from our place on Gringo Hill that I have wanted to find. These are amazing homes with breath-taking views over the bay.

We want to go on the whale-watching boat trip tomorrow since the weather is clear and calm, but we are also moving to our new place that day.  Back in town we went to see Tamra at Avalos to arrange for the move, and they already have the keys to the place and will move us in early at 8am, so we can then go on the boat trip at 9:30.

After dinner at Calypso we ended the evening on the beach listening to the sound of the surf.

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