Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 53: More Paddling

This is what I wish I looked like on the board
We decided to rent some real paddle boards instead of the soft beginner ones, and got them from Stand Up  Sayulita, a great new store just up from the beach.

They have expanded to use the land behind the Iguana Tree Sanctuary and have planted grass and created a smoothie bar. The staff are happy to help carry the boards to the beach for us.

We both got up on the new boards and controlled them way better than last time, and before we knew it we had blasted past the anchored boat and headed left towards Muerto beach ... and beyond.

This is a lot of fun, and an incredible whole-body workout. By the time we had paddled back we were done, and ready for one of the incredible smoothies while watching the iguanas play in the tree.

Familia Veryka
Decided to enjoy our incredible private pool for the afternoon, and in the evening we had dinner at Don Chow's and listened to a fantastic sort of Reggae Jazz fusion band called Familia Veryka jamming some wonderful music.

The music drew people and by the time they ended the place was packed.

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